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School Uniform

Summer Dress- White shirt, Red/Blue trousers/short, handkerchief, White socks, black shoes(medium toe).

Winter Dress- White shirt, Grey worsted trousers, Red pullover, Red blazer, Grey socks, black shoes, white tennis shoes, handkerchief.

Games & P.T. – P.T. shirt, blue short, White, socks and canvas shoes. Tracksuit.

List Of Clothing

Open white 6
P.T. Shirts (Sky Blue) 4
Grey terene for classes 1 to VI 5
Navy Blue 5
Red woolen 1
Red & White Full seleeves 4
Red & White nylon 4 Pairs
White nylon 5 Pairs
Black 1 Pair
White Canvas 1 Pair
Other Items
White Terrycot kurtas(Knee Length open neck) & Pyiames 4 each
Bathroom slippers 1 pair
Sleeping suits 4
Vests and Underwear 6 each
Handkerchiefs 12
towels(Bath) 3
Hand Towels (Bath) 4
Leather Chappals 1 Pair
Durry 1
Mattress 1
Bed cover 4
White bed sheet 4
Blanket 1
Quilt 1
Pillow with 4 Pillow covers 1
Hold-all 1
Trunk 1

Note: All items except bedding can be supplied by the school.