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Leave Regulation

СНПЧ А7 Курск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Students are not allowed to go home during the school term except in a few cases as mentioned below:

  • Students may be allowed a maximum leave of three days for the wedding of their brother or sister. This leave will not be granted during examination days or during a camp.
  • Leave may be granted for some particular treatment of the student provided the Mo/Chief Medical Officer recommends it.
  • For all leave, written request should be made to the Principal. No leave shall be granted on a students request and no leave shall be granted on the request mase through Telgram/Fax! Telephone.
  • Leave shall be considered only when the parent makes an application. Parents should not the date and the time, when the student is to return after leave. If a student does not return on due date, his name will be struck off from the school rolls and he may not be accepted back. The same rules applies for returning late after summer or winter vacation. A fine of Rs. 25/- per day shall be imposed for latecomers.
  • If a student is detained due to some illness, a medical certificate should accompany his application.